Young Justice~Love these two girls~~^w^

30 days of Batman
Day three: character you had to warm up to— Damian Wayne (aka loveable little shit.)










I know that Moffat will never see or reply to my tweet, but I couldn’t resist.

He’s right though

WTF is with you, ppl~ Rory is such a sweetheart. Don’t touch Rory, he’s adorable and brave and loyal and f**ing badass. None of you would be able to wait for 2 000 years for their lover to be ok, and guard them the whole time. He has done nothing but be lovely and supportive. If some people want for such a good character to be killed off.. well, I worry what their view on humanity is like.

Not really. Been here a while already, AND SURPRISE, I still have strong morals! *gasp!* well, would you look at that.
It seems you think the longer people stay on tumblr the more they turn a blind eye on rudeness(stupidity/hate/etc) and/or become like that themselves. Pity.

oh my god

“You molded me and taught me, Bruce. For years, I lived under the shadow of The Batman. I wanted to get away, to be my own man. Yet, when I chose a costume and a name, they reflected you. You’re a part of me, Bruce. I can’t deny it. And I don’t want to any longer. I just wanted you to know that. That, and one other thing — I’m proud to have been Robin.”